The genus Acacia is well known by the common name Wattle. They are best known as ornamentals but some species are excellent quick growing and hot burning firewood and some others have timbers suitable for furniture making.

All Acacias in the following list have showy bright to pale yellow flowers and are leguminous (add nitrogen to the soil)

The species represented here are from The Southern highlands of N.S.W. Australia which has a very diverse range of soil type,climate and habitat.

Temperature ranges between -15deg C to +42deg C and rainfall between 24" to 50" p.a.

Species Common Name Uses Comment
aculeatissima Juniper Wattle Low Growing Ornamental Poor Clay Soils/Open Position
baileyana Cootamundra Wattle Windbreaks,Ornamental,Very Hardy And Fast Growing Most Positions
brownii Juniper Wattle Ornamental,Revegetation Understory Of Open Woodland or More Open Positions
dealbata Silver wattle Firewood,Habitat,Windbreaks Woodland to Open Positions, Very Hardy, Root Suckers
decurrens Early Black wattle Excellent Firewood,Trunk Size To300mm,Very Hardy Poor Clay Soils To Better Loams,Slightly Frost Sensitive
falciformis Hickory wattle Tough Quality Timber,To 15m high Likes Soils Of Moderate Fertility,Slightly Frost sensitive
fimbriata var ? Windellama Wattle Very Attractive Ornamental,New Variety As Yet Unnamed,Rounded Form To 3m Poor Tight Clay Soils
genistifolia Spreading Wattle The Commonest Of the Small Prickly wattles,Important As Bird Habitat,To 1.5m Mostly Poorer Soils
glaucescens Coast Myall Not Known,To 4m high Not Common In This Area,Fringes Of The Shoalhaven River Gorge
implexa Lightwood Timber Quality Unknown But May Be Like A.melanoxylon Scattered Distribution In Various Locations
longifolia Sydney Golden Wattle Showy Ornamental Mediun Quality Soils Maybe Slightly Frost Sensitive
mearnsii Late Black Wattle Showy Ornamental With Feathery Foliage,Firewood Widely Varied Habitats
melanoxylon Blackwood One Of Australias Finest Furniture Timbers Will Grow Most Situations But Grows Best In Moist Shetered Sites
obtusata Blunt-Leaf Wattle Shrub With Very Bright Yellow Flowers Well Drained Sites
paradoxa Kangaroo Thorn Armed With Sharp Thorns Generally Poorer soils and Open Position
parramattensis Green Wattle Excellent Reveg. Species,Root Suckers,Great Firewood,Hardy, Fast Growing Loams and Clay Soils
rubida Red Stem Wattle Good Reveg Species,Attractive Ornamental, Most Soil Types and Positions
terminalis Sunshine Wattle Very Bright Yellow Flowers,Ornamental,Reveg. Usually Understory Of Stringybark Forest,Good For Reveg In Same Soil Types
trachyphloia None Attractive Medium Sized Feathery Foliaged Tree Loams to Clay Soils
uncinata Round Leaf Wattle Ornamental,Reveg Most Situations


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