The genus banksia was one of the first described by Sir Joseph Banks on his voyage of discovery with Captain James Cook in 1770.

They are all attractive ornamentals as well as being important to the ecosystems where they are found .

Reasonable drainage is fairly important to fast growth of Banksias.

The species represented here are from The Southern highlands of N.S.W. Australia which has a very diverse range of soil type,climate and habitat.

Temperature ranges between -15deg C to +42deg C and rainfall between 24" to 50" p.a.

Species Common Name Uses Comment
marginata Silver Banksia Ornamental,Reveg. Open Position,Sandy To Clay Soils
paludosa not known Ornamental,Reveg. Open Sandy Positions.
serrata Old Man/Saw Banksia Ornamental,Revegetation,Habitat, Large Cones
Spinulosa Hairpin Banksia Ornamental to 1.5m High, Narrow Serrated Leaves,Understory ,Will Handle Clay soils With Good Drainage


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