The genus callistemon contains some very nice ornamental species that are useful revegetation species for watercourses.

The common name of bottlebrush is very suitable as their flowers resemble just that.

Unfortunately this genus was recently revised with botanical names being swapped amongst species so a description of the desired properties of the plants at this moment is just as important as the botanical name.

The species represented here are from The Southern highlands of N.S.W. Australia which has a very diverse range of soil type,climate and habitat.

Temperature ranges between -15deg C to +42deg C and rainfall between 24" to 50" p.a.

Species Common Name Uses Comment
citrinus Crimson Bottlebrush Ornamental,Reveg. Open Position,Sandy To Clay Soils
pityoides(formerly sieberi) Alpine Bottlebrush Ornamental,Reveg. Seepage Areas,Will Handle Extremely Cold Sites
sieberi (formerly paludosus) River Bottlebrush Ornamental,Reveg. Sandy Stony Sites with Underlying Moisture
subulatus Not Known Ornamental to 1m High,Bright Red Flowers As per River Bottlebrush


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