Hakeas are usually stiff woody shrubs to small trees with a number of uses as listed below

The fruit capsules are hard woody nuts that crack open to release 2 winged seeds.

They heve good fire survival mechanisms

The species represented here are from The Southern highlands of N.S.W. Australia which has a very diverse range of soil type,climate and habitat.

Temperature ranges between -15deg C to +42deg C and rainfall between 24" to 50" p.a.

Species Common Name Uses Comment
dactyloides Finger Hakea Reveg. Understory to open Positions,Saline Areas?
eriantha Tree Hakea Attractive Small Tree Montane Areas,Tall Forest Understory
microcarpa Small Fruit Hakea Reveg.Ornamental Moist River And Creek Areas
sericea Needlewood Reveg.Bird Nesting Habitat, Sweet Scented Flowers Understory,Best Growth On Better Soils In Open Positions
teretifolia Dagger Hakea As per H.sericea As per H.sericea


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